Boy, did I blow it!

October 31, 2008

God’s timing is amazing, if not painful. Of course, if you are a Christian, you would definitely agree that God’s timing is amazing but painful? Oh, yeah, well, at least for me it was.

We began studying the Psalms in our Wednesday night assemblies a couple of weeks ago. Last night (10-29-08) we were examining Psalms four verse four where David says, Be angry and do not sin. Paul quotes this statement in Ephesians 4:26 and adds, . . . do not let the sun go down on your wrath . . .. Simple, right? We discussed what anger is, what it can lead to, and why we need to be really, really careful about becoming angry for any reason. During the discussion I asked if we need to be careful about the words we use when we are angry. Good question? Maybe. Read the rest of this entry »


Individual Worship

September 6, 2007

 Individual worship is the homage a Christian gives to God throughout the week. This form of worship is described in Romans 12:1-2. Paul says; . . Read the rest of this entry »

Prayer and Music

September 6, 2007

 In addition, the Bible tells us to prayer and study the Scriptures when we come together as a group as well (Acts 2:42; 1 Timothy 4:13). God also expects our money. Read the rest of this entry »

The Lord’s Supper

September 6, 2007

The heart of our gathering is the Lord’s supper. The Lord’s supper is the meal Jesus initiated during his last Passover prior to his death. Read the rest of this entry »

How Do We Worship God?

September 6, 2007

There are a number of terms which Scripture uses to translate the word worship. In English worship means worth-ship or to give worth to one who deserves. Read the rest of this entry »